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We, the members of Langford Elementary School, in partnership with families and community, are committed to educating all children in a challenging, nurturing and safe environment.

This environment allows students to develop their full potential and become responsible, contributing citizens through a variety of opportunities and quality, individualized instruction.

Message from Principal Callahan

Welcome to Dr. John A. Langford Elementary School.   Every day matters at Langford!  At Langford, we believe ALL students will make great strides in learning.  We are a dedicated family of learners, committed to making every day important and impactful for your child.  Our students are engaged in rich learning activities that help them grow academically and emotionally as critical readers & writers, creative thinkers and responsible learners ready to achieve at high levels.

We want to partner with you to support your child in reaching their goals for success.  It is essential that your child attends school, daily.  Please continue to communicate with us to make sure we can support you in making that happen.  We have an on-site School Based Health Center in partnership with Inter-Community; please see our school nurse, Darlene McCarthy (860-622-5703) for more information. 

We are committed to ongoing communication with our families.  Please check backpacks on the last day of the month for our monthly calendar with important updates, family and school events, family resources and opportunities to volunteer at Langford.  We appreciate your shared commitment to your child’s education.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to connect with us. I welcome your feedback and look forward to a great year supporting your child’s learning, together!  Jill Vermette, our main office secretary (860-622-5700) and Veronica Rosario, our Family and Community Liaison (860-622-5710) can also direct your concerns and suggestions.

Thank you for your important role in supporting your child’s success.  Together, we can achieve great things.  We are ALL IN at Langford, and the East Hartford Public Schools.


Cyndi Callahan